About The EANSO

EANSO stands for the East Africa Nature & Science Organization. The organization started out as a journal hosting platform ten years ago. Our initial aim was to collate and avail data that is relevant to the East African geographical niche. We had realized back then the limitation that arose when scholars in East Africa intend to publish their original work in journals. For starters, it was less effective to publish a paper relevant to East Africans in a Journal in America for example. The impact factor would have probably been higher but the actual people that got hold of the papers would have probably been the wrong audience from the actual intent of the author. For example, a paper on mitigating the hyacinth problem around Lake Victoria would be hard to come across when published in Asian Journals as opposed to an East African Journal.

As time went by, we realized that most of our potential authors had very lovely ideas or information about a given topic but had innate limitations one way or the other that prevented them from sharing the ideas and information with the world. Our editorial team would sometimes come across papers that have very revolutionary information but poor presentation of the information that made the papers unpublishable in almost all existing serious journals. We would reject such papers as most serious journals do and write back to the authors with strict guidelines for our standard. Most of the times, the authors gave up on their work and that would have been the end of the paper with the quite revolutionary information.
In January 2013, EANSO attempted to solve this problem by employing supervisors that would guide our prospective ‘weak’ authors step by step through out their research process, findings recording and journal articles writing. By 2014 December, this simple initiative had become so life saving for our prospective authors that the EANSO Management Board voted for the acquisition and the commissioning of the Maverick Writers branch of the Organization that would be fully in charge of ensuring that all our prospective authors are publishable. This revolutionized our platform and led to the development of more innovative researches from our clients.

In 2015, the EANSO Management Board further realized that there were many institutions and organizations in East Africa carrying out spectacular researches but not having a protocol or avenue for disseminating the findings. We started partnering with these institutions and organizations to promote the dissemination of these researches. Through the partnership, all the members of our partner organizations and institutions were allowed to publish their work with EANSO at highly subsidized charges. In this tariff, a half of the publication fees was paid for by the EANSO Research Foundation whereas the authors from our partner would be required to pay just the remaining half.
Whereas the partnerships were substantially efficient in the preservation of researches in East Africa, there were still institutional and organizational researches and papers that could not make it into our database for one reason or the other. EANSO decided that instead of only encouraging our partners to publish with us, we should encourage them to start their own inhouse journal as well. Such journals would ensure that a high percentage of their researches and paper would eventually end up in a database. Because some of our partners had a problem starting the journals, we came up with the Journal Maker tariff that would help them set everything up the expert way.

Today, the EANSO has become one of the leading Organizations in East Africa in terms of the promotion of research and development. We commissioned an entire Software Development that is set to revolutionize the way research is done in East Africa. We also have an entire training module to help our clients keep up with matters research.