EANSO Maverick Writers

In 2014, EANSO acquired the Maverick Writers (MW) and rebranded it into EANSO MW. This was due to the worrying trend where the EANSO Journal Management team noted that most of the articles rejected by our hosted journals sometimes had very revolutionary information worth publishing but poor delivery of the revolutionary information. In one of the EANSO Management meetings, the Director of Publication described this occurrence as the ‘Gregory Mendel’s phenomenon’ where revolutionary information might fail to be distributed for improvement due to the strictness of the distributing channel.

This led to special considerations before rejection of articles submitted to our journals. The EANSO Management hired supervisors and tutors that could be assigned after a review by the Director of Publication. This made our journals not only achieve more publications per year but also more quality publications. We also realized that some organizations and institutions had all the data they needed but limited staff or time to put it all together in reports. So, we started hiring out our writers to help such institutions and organizations meet their deadlines. We also started hiring out our reviewers to help or clients in ensuring that their word-works is as professional and accurate as possible.

Today, the EANSO Maverick Writers has broken free from the EANSO Journals and the EANSO Publishers. We offer quality writing services to our clients at very affordable tariffs and speed. We also offer common, intermediate, advanced and expert review services to our clients. Email us or give us a call for more information and quotations.