EANSO Data Handling

90% of researches fail the authenticity test because of the inability of the researchers to make sense of the data they have collected. 50% of the 90% end up collecting data that has no relevance and effect at all on their intentions. The rest even though they have the right data, they hardly consider the statistical significance that enables their data represent a given line of generalization. This is why EANSO developed a data handling package that helps our clients quickly start their projects with all issues pertaining data collection, analysis and reporting factored.

We train our client to think about the data that they will collect before they think about the methodology the shall deploy because most people approach their research projects linearly instead of logically. They thing about the topic first even before determining the objectives that the research shall focus on achieving. They write down the objectives even before determining whether the specifics of the objectives are measurable. They then follow up with questionable methodologies that result in questionable data collection and final findings. Our work is to act as advisors and consultants at such stages to ensure that your work, organization or institution benefits from our experts.

You have enormous data that needs organizing? Do not worry, our data handling team will help you put it all together and make sense of it. Just give us a call. We help you with the details so that you can focus on the bigger picture. You need to let us know what you wish the data to tell you and we shall make sure that it does.