It is the desire for most academic institutions and research organizations to own a journal for logging their day to day researches and publications. However, the knowledge, time, resources and expertise limitation sometimes act as a hindrance to achieving the desire. A lot of work goes into the decision to start and maintain a journal. Not forgetting the relevant certifications that are sometimes required to make you journal uniquely stand out. And of what use shall a journal be if the information published through it hardly benefits any individual or organization? A good journal must therefore have a complementary good distribution channel if it should impact the world in some way. Good journals have good impact factors and our EANSO Journal Maker team can ensure that the impact factor for your journal rates higher through our digital distribution and marketing channels.

There are several types of journals our clients usually approach us to start for them. The most popular of these include the most academically authenticated refereed journals and internal publication journals. The popular journals can be hosted on several platforms that include online, print and other forms of digital distribution. Refereed journals typically require ISSNs that requires some skill to acquire. There are databases that each journal article has to be deposited into after publication to make it reach more people faster and easier. There are meta data handling issues that help prevent plagiarism of articles authors’ work and help citation software find a given publication in a standard protocol kind of way. So, if you are the kind of institution, organization or person that needs a journal set up as professional as possible, give us a call today. We will analyze for you what starting a journal really means both financially and aesthetically for you. We shall help you do the right thing the right way from the idea conceptualization to a functioning journal system.