EANSO Software Developers

These days, the society is moving online together with most of its characteristics. Every aspect of life is becoming digital and most process are becoming automated. The 21st century billionaires and the billionaires of the future have both learnt how to capitalize on the digital era for prosperity. Most of the global markets for products and services can be found online either directly or indirectly. Processes are much faster, easier, efficient and secure when digitalized that when manually implemented. It is for this reason that the EANSO commissioned an IO division that would ensure that our clients get the best out of this digital era.

Our EANSO IO Division has one of the most experienced software developers in East Africa. With such expertise, EANSO IO can automate most of your day to day institutional or organizational activities. We develop and customize ERPs, CMSs for online presence, Custom PC software, Android apps, iOS apps databases and our popular ROM customization for organizational or institutional branding.

We have also over time developed an information security section that can handle the issues of data security for our clients, penetration testing on our clients’ systems, robust testing for systems and data forensics in case our clients experience an external attack from a hacking event. We carry out a monthly, quarterly, annual or random digital information audits for our clients just to keep them abreast with what happens behind the codes of their systems. If you are an institution or an organization that has an application that is used by more than ten employees or customers, there is a 90% chance that you will need one or more of the EANSO IO services. Give us a friendly call to find out if you do. Consultation is free!