Here at EANSO, we love to mess around with knowledge and turn it into a game or something. Clearly everyone needs to learn but not everyone has a mind that processes knowledge in the same way. This thus follow that whereas books are one of the best ways of gaining information on almost all topics of knowledge, they might not be that interesting for some people in this knowledge society. That is why the modern society needs organization of ours to add fun into the learning process. Research has steadily predicted a rise in the number of people who uses mobile phones in their day to day lives, so EANSO IO comes up with beautiful and interesting apps to help them learn something new as they do. Most things have been digitalized, so we digitalize the knowledge in books too and make it much more fun to read than plain black text on white paper convention.

One of our recent ‘obsessions’ in our Knowledge is Fun Initiative (EANSO KIFI) has been the digitalization of Primary and Secondary School knowledge in East Africa. In Kenya for example, we have developed apps that both primary school and secondary school students can use to both learn and revise. Our revision modules are more of games than education but have the same effect of teaching the learners of players in our case new things. We are soon launching an online platform that will be the hub of all primary and secondary students in East Africa that shall be complete with tutors and online instructors. The 21st Century falls in the digital era and EANSO plans to digitalize education as deep as possible in East Africa. We are well aware that this is a huge vision and therefore accept volunteers and interns from time to time to help us build up the final products and services. If you are interested in helping or joining the EANSO KIFI, do not hesitate to give us a call today and find out more.